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*  MAGA Ohio Mission and Objective

* Implementing President Trump’s agenda without Congress cooperation
* Immigration reform, DACA
* District of Corruption segment: Mueller investigation, media manipulation
* 2018 upcoming mid term elections


February 15, 2018

Trump offered Democrats amnesty for the border wall – here’s how Schumer responded

Interesting comment regarding the above article to note:

”Dreamers” can be given legal status short of citizenship (and voting which is the Dems’ real interest in all this). They can sign a contract with the US that in return for being allowed to stay here legally, they will never see citizenship or vote; and they will agree that if they commit a crime or go on welfare for an extended period of time, they will be deported immediately. Of course this requires border control, mandatory use of eVerify, visa reform, the end to anchor babies, and the end to chain migration.

Conservatives need to realize that liberals need the vote of a permanent underclass and they and the ”Dreamers” will never be satisfied until the US has open borders and mass importation of failed cultures into the US. Granting ”Dreamers” citizenship is nothing but a temporary appeasement that will continue the liberal subversion of the United States.

District of Corruption Segment: Release the Memo…. FBI and DOJ brace for release… then what?

The pillars of Trump’s immigration plan… and more. Is this what we voted for in November of 2016? Should be stand by for the Art of the Deal to reveal this plan to be genius?   See what others are saying….

SOTU highlights



TROY BALDERSON for Congress – Ohio’s 12th District:  Let’s send a true conservative with a proven track record to Washington to represent We The People

  •  Balderson will fight for lower state taxes in Congress
  •  Senator Balderson’s response to President Trump’s State of the Union Address

    President Trump struck a great chord with the American people tonight: rising wages, lower taxes, more jobs, and a stronger economy. He also talked about the successful repeal of the job-killing Obamacare individual mandate and the need for enhanced border security and improved infrastructure across the country. Together, we can accomplish all of these things.

    The President stressed the need for unity and how strong our country is because of its great people. I look forward to working with the President and the Congress in implementing a common sense, conservative agenda in Washington to serve the people of Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. We have a lot to be grateful for, but there’s more work to do!#SOTU #OH12

MIKE GIBBONS for US Senate: A plain spoken, non politician businessman to represent the best interests of Ohioans


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